Come experience the compassion, caring, honesty and professionalism that you deserve. 

About HW

HW Physio is a family owned and operated company that values client care above all else. Whether your injury is a simple strain or you are rehabilitating from a catastrophic accident, we want to walk alongside and support you in the restoration of optimal health. Compassion, Caring, Honesty and Professionalism serve as a catchphrase for our value system. That said, these attributes aren't simply a set of ideals nor a checklist of behavior patterns, they describe the identity of each of our staff members. They aren't values that we are working towards as much as they are the core that we are building our company around.  


In our over 12 years experience working in the Barrhaven community, we have come to the realization that each injury and subsequent recovery is unique. Injuries affect us all in many different ways and have implications on surrounding joints and muscles. At HW we set aside the time to assess and address the "big picture" when it comes to your injury and recovery. From pain management to mobility, flexibility, proprioception and strengthening, we are dedicated to getting you back to your ideal lifestyle. 


You might also notice that HW Physio's unique clinical environment has been designed with our commitment to care and holistic rehabilitation in mind. Our clinic is designed to incorporate industry leading apparatus while creating and maintaining a  welcoming, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Our spaces are a testament to our commitment to the client experience. An intentional move away from factory like physio and toward  personal care. 

While we have yet to establish a direct billing process for health insurance claims, our admin team is committed to helping ease any possible stress around payment and insurance claims. Our services are fully approved by all insurance companies We will be happy to walk you through the processes and create payment options that work best for you. You are welcome to take advantage of any of our payment options including credit / debit terminals, online payment submission or in-person cash or cheque.